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Capital Raise Support

Case in Point

An emerging Cleantech company with a revolutionary product required financial executive support through a fundraising process.

Situation Assessed

A cleantech company needed assistance in project management, updated accounting structure and investor outreach to put them on the track for accelerated corporate growth.

Challenges Encountered

  • The Company did not have an internal financial expert to act as a liaison between Management and the potential investors
  • Books and records required extensive clean-up, along with a cash-to-accrual conversion of the Company’s activity
  • The Company’s Cap Table was outdated and key pieces of information were missing
  • Additional investment was needed to hit a key threshold to trigger the convertible notes conversion and de-leverage the balance sheet


  • Worked alongside the Chief Executive Officer and Board of Directors to, provide deal expertise and project management, through the due diligence process
  • Managed additional investor outreach and corporate development efforts
  • Developed an 18-month cash flow forecast and an itemized Sources & Uses, providing investors with a detailed financial roadmap for increased commercialization
  • Developed an iterative Cap Table model to the investor group with support behind key valuation metrics, providing greater assurance on pre- and post-money valuations
  • Implemented necessary improvements within the accounting and operating structure to create greater transparency into working capital needs

Outcomes Achieved

  • The Company was able to close its investment round at an increased pace, with the existing terms set forth within its original term sheet
  • Provided the transparency needed for the CEO and Board to see an accurate financial state of the Company
  • Provided key considerations towards increased revenue and profitability
  • Developed a successful relationship leading into follow-up on corporate development and commercialization support